It’s a new year! Link to heading

And with it come fresh opportunities. Last year, I dedicated myself to experiencing new things and broadening my horizons. I’d like to keep that up, so here’s a quick outline of my goals for 2024:

1. Write more Link to heading

I’d like to write in the blog more - I won’t dedicate myself to bi-weekly essays like last year, but an average of once a month seems reasonable. I’m also going to make better use of Obsidian for my projects and personal learning. Some of the notes I make there might eventually make it here to the blog.

I know for certain that I’ll be writing about coffee; I got an espresso machine for Christmas and I’m working on perfecting my technique! So I’ll be sharing that as I learn. I also intend to dig more into bad media and speedrunning as topics. Eventually I’ll update the blog’s theme as well. I’d like the site to be a little more functional.

My new Delonghi Dedica Arte espresso machine

It’s an entry-level machine but I’m enjoying the tinkering process. It’s surprisingly tough to make a good coffee!

2. Games and Streaming Link to heading

A few goals here:

  • I promised a friend I’d learn a speedgame last year and never did, so I want to make good on that promise and get back into the scene.
  • I’ve got a series of livestreams planned in which I play through first person shooters in chronological order. I think it would offer some interesting perspective on older games I have less experience with.
  • Lastly, I’d like to get back into 3D modelling and game creation, since I never really sunk the time into it that I wanted in the past.

3. Learn a new skill Link to heading

In October I learned to sew, which I’ve posted about before. It was an awesome skill to learn and I want to keep using it for cosplay or clothing or whatever fancy strikes me. I don’t know exactly what I’ll make yet but I have a lot of fabric to play with now. As mentioned, I’d like to get into 3D modelling again as well - it’s funny how often I thought about that while learning to sew. Really, every form of construction has overlapping concepts. It’s cool how learning one can influence how you think about another.

4. Socialize Link to heading

I want to make new friends, establish new relationships, and if possible, travel. It’s tough to meet people as a working adult and I’d really like to put effort into it this year. In 2023 I went to a bunch of great events like CanFURence and SDGQ, and I met a ton of cool new friends. I’d like to do even better this year.

I’m not sure when travel will happen (I should really nail that down) but it’ll happen eventually. I’ll probably take some time to attend Summer Games Done Quick again, and ideally visit Europe for a while. I’m looking forward to it!

Personal theme Link to heading

Finally, I’m establishing a personal theme using CGPGrey’s Theme System Journal. The idea is to use a broad theme, rather than a concrete resolution,to guide growth over time. It’s more flexible than a resolution, and your definition of success can change with you.

Ideas for themes: Consistency, vibrancy, openness, compassion, mindfulness, adventurousness

That’s all for now. Topics coming up in the pipeline this year include espresso, difficulty in video games, honesty and democracy, more about bad media, and whatever else I forgot to add here. See you again soon!